About Us

The objectives of Eastern Zone Primary School Soccer Association

[a]To promote and organise the playing of soccer in the Eastern Zone for teams from Primary Schools on behalf of those schools.

[b]To encourage Eastern Zone Primary schools and their students to participate in the playing of soccer, play as a team, gain appreciation of fair play and have enjoyable exercise  at a minimal cost.

[c]To encourage primary schools to participate in South Australian Primary Schools’ Amateur Sports Association soccer competitions.

Management Committee

Office Bearers:
       President:       John Iannunzio

    Vice President:             Gabby Vistoli

           Secretary / Treasurer    Aldo Perilli   OAM

                                                Adam Pipe
                        David Walker                        
                  Greg Brodie 
                                                Cosimo Marrone
                                                Jack Sierat
                                                Robert Goodall